Info On Meeting Us 

Hi everyone 👋

While we want everyone to feel comfortable in getting a Pom from us, we must put our dogs and us first and that includes health and personal safty. We DO NOT allow anyone to come into our home to meet puppies/adults. We do this for the safety of our dogs & family. We can do video calls or meet with an adult dog in public area or a puppy who's had at least 1, preferably 2 vaccines. No puppy will leave our home until 10 weeks or older.  We do everything we can to protect our babies, and they will Always come first. If this is an issue for some, then we are not the breeder for for you. I hope understand this as it's for safety our as well yours. You shouldn't meet people that you don't know well. It's a different world 🌍  we live in now. 

Just Google or look at this Link


I'm Summer! I have been rising dogs all my life. It's pretty much in my dna. Over the years I rised Chinchillas, pygmy goats, great pryenees. While rising my only son. I had the privilege of being rised in my grandparents pet shop. I'm pretty sure that's were I got my love of animals. I studied to be a vet technician when I was 18. I have over 15 years of breeding experience in poms and more in other animals. Not to long ago I took my step dad's last after my divorce. I also changed my kennel name from 4everpoms to Heart Rocks Poms I felt the need to change it and leave that part of my life behind. 

I'm Samuel! I don't say much. But my Sister is the driving force behind us! Our mom and grandparents are the reason we do what we do it's in our blood. You normally find me delivering your puppy to you or picking up something they need. Or building something for them.