Our Boys

Our boys mostly go back to my heart ❤️ pom. My heart  will never be the same. And his Son Chip

Trouble and Chip picture below 👇. 

                                Trouble  7/24/23

 Chip 03/28/23.    



Ashley is Troubles son. He is my legacy, he has given me some fantastic puppies! Nice compact body, big coat and teddy bear muzzle. He is 5 pounds He can produce everything,he carries blue, chocolate. He is geneticly orange sable and tan parti. 


Cary is Ashley's son. He is 4 pounds of short sassiness. He has a HUGE coat!! He is chocolate sable parti, he carries tan and cream. HIS puppies are to die for!!! 



Dylan is Chips younger brother 😀 he is almost 4 pounds. He is black based merle tri parti. He carries chocolate 


Macchiato is our only boy not from our lines. But he is pretty spectacular 😁. He is orange sable parti 6 pounds. He is completely health tested. His breeder  is Shanner Poms


Luke is third generation, he is Trouble great grandson. Also Chip grandson. He is tiny little black based merle at 4 pounds. He carris tan,parti and chocolate.


Saint is a Chip son (Chip is a Trouble son). Saint is a big silly mamas boy, he is a black & tan 4 1/2 pounds