Our Girls

 Amber Doodle

Amber Doodle is beaver (chocolate). She is 6th generation from my very first two poms! She is 4 pounds and a fantastic mom. 


Rouge is a black based merle extreme piebald, she carries chocolate and tan. She is 6 pounds.


Scarlett is brindle parti 5 pounds carries chocolate 🍫. I was lucky enough to get this girl back she is from breeding.



Oakley is Chips niece. She's a chocolate and tan merle parti. 6 pounds she is also Luke's mom! 


True is a blue sable parti about 5 pounds and is from Ashleys grandma's lines so thrilled to have a her with us. 

Dazzle Doodle 

Dazzle Doodle is 6 Generation and is Half sister to Amber Doodle. She carries  chocolate and blue.  She is 6 pounds love pure love. She loves talking when you say her name 


Brixton is tri black based merle about 6 pounds. She  carries chocolate and blue. She is the absolute sweetest girl 😍❤️


Josette is gorgeous chocolate and tan from my very first merle. I'm so thankful to have my girl home where she belongs. She is 6 pounds 


Sluggy is a brindle tan parti, around 6 pounds. She carries chocolate, blue. She is a completely silly girl who likes to think she is in charge. 


Magpie is Tri parti 6 pounds fantastic coat. She also carries  chocolate & blue . Fantastic pedigree can't wait to see what she will produce with our boys here




Munky is 5 pounds carries tan, hoping for great things from this girl. Going help our program. 

Harley Quinn 

Harley Quinn is black and tan merle. She carries chocolate .She is Chips Daughter. I feel extremely lucky to have been gifted this amazing girl. 



Kashmere is Dazzle & Macchiato daughter! I am thrilled. She is cream merle.  She has a blue chip in her eye and embark came merle! She also carries  chocolate. I can't see what the future holds for her.