Up Coming Litters



Here is where you find are planned pairings or pairs that are bred/expecting. Please be aware that sometime a planned pair doesn't work out for some reason or another. Like the female didn't like the male or that male was wasn't available at that time. Or simply that we have changed our plans and a different pairing will work better for our individual goals for our program ☺️.  


Please understand we are not a vending machine we can't punch out orders of colors, markings, size, sex, muzzle, coat or personalities. 

Here's a little of what gos in to the planning of our babies.

Whether they were bred by us or bought, we always know the pedigree. This is important so we know who is in our lines. That allows us to know health and who is in our lines.

We also embark test all of breeding dogs. Embark tests for hundreds genetic markers some are breed specific and others are not. Either way that allows us to pair them correctly so that is less of a chance of your puppy developing anything. Now that doesn't they can't ever not develop something because unfortunately tests and we can't detect everything. But it does help so that we putting our best paw forward. Embark also let's know exactly what colors they carry. Allowing us to provide health and colors. 


Our Boys

Our Girls


And coming soon we will doing other health testing. Such as eyes, heart and knees 

Some are already started and done.

Scarlett & Tryion 


Tryion is produce by me and belongs to my brother. He is embark clear 😍

The babies are here. As of now only the boys are available. The girls are pending evaluation to stay 

Oakley x Saint

Due around 8/3

Dazzle x Omally

Due around 8/18