Our Available Babies

if a puppy  listed on this page that means  the puppy is still open for deposit. Once a deposit is placed we will remove the puppy from this page. If you are following our puppies from birth to leaving with their family please follow my social medias as will do those updates there. If you placed you deposit you be sent your updates directly.

Please understand that by removing the ones reserved makes it easier for new puppy parents to find their new baby 

Puppies will be listed by litters, that means each puppy that is available will be listed by the parents. So for example Amber x Cary will who is available from that littler.

Pictures are usual updated once a week. Videos will be on my social medias only or though messages/email.

If you like to see parents embark please feel free to ask! 

For pictures of parents and information about them please look on Our Boys and Our Girls

Prices are set between 4 and 8 weeks. We do this for many reasons. 1. we are seeing how they are growing out the color, structure, bone size and the pedigree. 2. the the perfect pet, breeder or show. Prices are subject to change, unless you have a deposit in place.

Info on Meeting Puppies 

A quick reminder that our puppies DO NOT leave us till 10 weeks old. Sometimes longer if we think the puppy needs extra time with us. Many things  factor in, size or a number of things. It's our goal that by doing this it ensures the best possible start for your baby 

Rouge & Saint

Born 4/9/24


Bourbon is a Tri black parti and is charting 5 pounds $1800


Munky & Saint



Born 5/23


Tri black and tan white charting  4 to 5 pounds $1400



white or cream parti charting 5 to 6 pounds $1400

Scarlett & Tryion

born 06-19-24


Gorgeous brindle parti boy! Carrys 🍫 this boys quality, fantastic muzzle tiny ears big coat!! Not many brindles let alone quality like this guy.



Gorgeous brindle parti boy! Carrys 🍫 this boys quality, fantastic muzzle tiny ears big coat!! 



Born 6/30

Chocolate and tan